“The excellent Back O’ Beyond bar in The Common.  Taking on a slightly slanted Day of the Dead theme, the bar was staffed by skeleton boys and girls.  To the sounds of rickety retro-rock I lay down in a coffin and got turned into a skeleton man, then capered around the garden outside to You Know You Make Wanna (Shout) like a madman.  This bar was off the beaten track, yet stuffed with teeny-weeny details within details.  Within a Jesus knick-knack shrine at the back was a fence – I spotted a hinge in it and found a small shed with another man inside.  He made us burst out onto the dancefloor to make a scene.  We did!”

London City Nights – 2014

” Copperdollar – The Back of Beyond was  a visual feast of Art, Music and Interactive Performance played out in an exciting and unique venue full of atmosphere and, more importantly, a great way to open the festival and the Spiegel tent.”

G-scene Fringe Review – 2014

The big showTHE BACK OF BEYOND” rose out of the mud @ Glastonbury Festival in 2011 to get a fantastic response from the crowd and was chosen as one of the highlight of the festival by BBC2.

Video review – By BBC2

The Sideshow “SPIDORA” was very well recieved @ Watch this Space Festival at the National Theatre London, Preston Guild Festival and Bestival this summer.

Video Review – By Bat on Ball Creations @ Bestival

Review – By
While walking along London’s South Bank we were confronted by an eerie looking sideshow tent that was just begging to be explored. Adorned with colourful Mexican style “day of the dead” theming, the tent was guarded by a creepy carnival barker stood outside enticing everyone in…..
Attractions/performances such as this are best enjoyed with no knowledge of what to expect and Spidora was no different. This dark and twisted world was a sight for the eyes and the whole experience was a delight for all senses with just the right level of frights along the way alongside some exciting projection effects.
For a free show based in a temporary marquee, we were impressed with the level of ingenuity and theming that had been put into Spidora. Copperdollar clearly have a love for horror and we look forward to visiting other installations by the talented team.


As always the wishing tree was covered in wishes. Thank you for taking the time to wish.

Here are a few examples from SPIDORA:

I wish for more lovely experiences like this one.    I wish I was as wonky as you.

I wish for a long and happy life.    For my sister to have the best birthday tomorrow at Bestival

For a happy and peaceful world.    Amazing! I love the string!

Help me out!    I feel I’ll never leave (and I don’t want to).

Thank you scary lady.    I wish to never stop having surprising moments like this one.

Here are a few examples from THE BACK OF BEYOND:

My feet are sore but I can’t stop dancing.    I love this show.    This unknown is epic.    Just amazing performance.

Brilliant music and entertainment fab.    I love you skeleton people.    Viva las muertos.   

A beautiful evening thank you Copperdollar.   

Amazing performance all of you are incredible – thank you for one of the best nights ever.


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